Doric Wilson’s Street Theatre

Studio 115, University of Utah  October 20-23, 2011   

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Producer: Gage Williams      Director: Bill Poore

Set Designers: Iris Salazar, Les Pendergraff, Miranda Hawkes    

Lighting: Tanner Crawford     Costumes: Katie Miller

Photographer: Spencer Sandstrom     Graffiti: Eduardo Alfaro & Hector Montelongo


One of the first computer programs we learned in out Set Design class was SKETCHUP. Using this program I was able to come up with the following renderings for the Director before proceeding with the actual build of our set. We used vacuform plastic for the brick, that lucky for us, was stored in the scene shop already painted and shaped as brick. We screwed the brick to some flats; I recruited two High School students, Eduardo & Hector, to graffiti the brick for us.

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*Watch PBS: Stonewall Uprising 


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