Snapshot  (Mount Rushmore, photographer Lee Friedlander) by Tanya Barfield, Lee Blessing, Michael Bigelow Dixon, Julie Jensen, Honour Kane, Sunil Kuruvilla, David Lindsay-Abaire, Victor Lodato, Quincy Long, Deb Margolin, Allison Moore, Lynn Nottage, Dan O’Brien, Val Smith, Annie Weisman, Craig Wright, and Chay Yew

Sudio 115, University of Utah November 17-20, 2011      

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Producer: Gage Williams     Director: Hugh Hanson

Set Designers: Iris Salazar, Les Pendergraff, Miranda Hawkes     

Lighting: Les Pendergraff     Costumes: Tamera Haller    

Photographes: U of U Photo Archives


For Snapshot I used Sketch up to create initial drawing for the Director. We used a bare black stage with a screen where we projected different images that I worked with the director in selecting. We then projected these images on the screen as each scene started. The only set pieces we built were these black hollow frame boxes which were used as desks, fences, scaffolding and even a car. This play was a co design by myself and two other student designers. I was primarily responsible for the images, and this initial drawing; the three of us along with the help of our Advisor built the boxes.

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