Headshot2LargeI am a graduate of the University of Utah with a BFA in Theatre emphasizing in Performing Arts Design. My theatre experience started in elementary school and through High school were I was usually on the stage acting. I did not start designing until I returned to the University Of Utah. I was working on a Theatre Education degree several years ago but when I returned to school in 2011 I changed my major to Set Design. My design experience has been all academic with one volunteer opportunity in the community which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am new to the Scenic Designers world with little experience but I am a learner and I work hard. I hope to further my talent by attending Grad School in the near future.

In my life theatre has been more than just a form of entertainment. It has been a reflection of life experience, an educator of humanity and a prevention tool for youth. It can be, in my opinion, a life altering experience that should be had by every human being. It may take one or maybe ten productions before one can grasp the power of theatre; I believe it influences lives for the better.

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